Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fettuccine Alfredo

I'm a distracted type of person and a messy cook.  Combine those two things and envision me putting out fires (how did those flames get so high so fast) with salt under a pot of water that I'm boiling for the fettuccine noodles all the while constantly whisking the alfredo sauce. 

I spilled salt everywhere and I can't return my pot of water back to a boil because it is all over the burner.  Quick, Domo, come here and stir this sauce while I go get the hand held vacuum cleaner.  I plug in the vacuum and start sucking up the salt that is all over the stove and of course, underneath the burner.  My dog who is terrified of the vacuum runs into the sliding glass door.  Damn that burner is hot!  Where's my hot pad?  I'm gonna melt the vacuum attachment!

My son is freaking out saying "he's sweating" from whisking the sauce so vigorously over the heat of the burner.  Never mind he's stepping away from the stove, and sliding the pot along with him.  He fails to use two hands.  Turn off the vacuum, grab the pot with the alfredo sauce in it before it crashes to the floor, and put my pot of water on to boil again.  Domo, please open the sliding glass door.  The dog bolts, thank goodness for gates.

Hey hunny, should I open the windows?  It's awfully smoky in here.  Um, why are you asking me this question?  If you want to open the windows, open the windows, can't you see I'm busy?  I'm aware that you just walked in the door but chances are if the house is smokey I'm having a minor emergency and am not in the frame of mind to answer questions.

Okay, all is well again, we are back on track, the water is boiling without fires, and the sauce is thickening. Welcome to dinner at my house.

This recipe is pretty awesome.  It's a real and true recipe without shortcuts.  It's takes time and requires constant attention.  It may require you to put out kitchen fires.  It's delicious but does not reheat well so if you aren't having a dinner party you may want to half the recipe.  It isn't that it won't taste awesome the second day, the sauce just separates and doesn't look at all pretty and your noodles may be sitting in a bed of melted butter.  Still, it isn't stopping me from having the leftovers for lunch today.

Fettuccine Alfredo
1/2 cup butter, no substitutes
1 pint heavy whipping cream (2 cups)
1 tsp garlic
salt and pepper
1 dash cayenne pepper
2/3 cup grated parmesan cheese (not shredded, if you have shredded pulse in food processor)
16 oz fettuccine
chopped parsley (to garnish)

In a 2 quart saucepan over medium-low heat melt butter; add cream, garlic, salt, and peppers; simmer for 20-30 minutes stirring or whisking constantly, until thick.

Meanwhile, cook fettuccine noodles according to package directions, coordinating so that the sauce and noodles are done about the same time.

Remove sauce from heat and stir in cheese. Do not heat sauce after cheese has been added.Serve sauce over hot fettuccine noodles and sprinkle with parsley if desired.

Servings: 8
Cooking Times
Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 30 minutes


  1. haha, so glad you caught the sauce in time! sounds like the reflexes of a true chef. this recipe looks delicious! thanks for posting it!

  2. sounds really tasty. I will try to have my constant attention :)