Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lemon poundcake with Lemon curd

I have an addictive personality so I like to do things in excess.  Binge drinking, eating a whole pie, crafting until my fingers bleed, ect.  I'm joking (kind of) but I think you get the point.  When cooking I like to take the strongest flavor and amp it up to the enth level which is to the point in my house where everybody else is gagging and I am in ecstacy.  Take garlic for example:  I know better than to cook chicken with 40 cloves of garlic because my family would never kiss me again but for me it would be a tastebud dream come true.  There are many things that I cook/bake that are just for me.  My family has kind of wussy tastebuds and I like to kick things up so many notches that I'm left eating it all to myself or taking it to work and not claiming that it was me that made it.  It usually gets eaten.

I've been craving lemon recently.  It's the end of February and spring is suppose to be right around the corner according to Puxatawny Phil but he's never lived in western Washington.  I live about 20 minutes north and a tiny bit east of Seattle where the sun rarely shines until June and rain is like a wet blanket over my life.  Right now I'm looking out my sliding glass door and there is a dusting of leftover snow and tiny flurries are falling.  This is enough to make the entire city shut down.  No really, we had two snow days this past week.  Is it any wonder why I am craving the flavors of spring? 

I've had a recipe for lemon pound cake in my files for quite some time and what better way to top it off? With more lemon of course!  I love lemon curd.  Absolutely adore its lovely tartness and deep yellow color.  In my cooking I've always had an aversion to tempering eggs or doing anything else with eggs that did not intentionally result in scrambled eggs for breakfast.  I made an attempt at this with homemade pudding around Christmas and was nearly successful.  My boys did find a few chunks but overall it was scrambled eggs free so I thought I would give it another go.  I totally winged it and it turned out alright. 

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